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Welcome to Scenic and Historical Whistler's Point

Home of the Hellmouth

Whistler's Point, WA
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Whistler's Point, WA, the Twin Peaks of the Buffyverse. Across the Puget Sound from Seattle, a Hellmouth simmers. Dormant for at least two centuries, it stirs to life...

Worried about vampires? Relax. These are thick woods. The werewolves keep the undead population low.

Welcome to the world of Madison the Vampire Slayer. We run a table-top game in my house, but a couple people have started character journals, so I made this center for them.

Ground rules: If you're posting out of character, please start the subject line with OC for out of character. Please don't backdate entries, as it makes it awfully hard for us to read what you've written. If you consider the in-character date important, write it in your post. Any problems, contact gement.