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Ole Blue Eyes

I knew I could count on him. So maybe he didn't do it on purpose. However I find it odd that his favor flower is not a flower but a plant that could help Bey with his nosebleeds and headaches. So maybe I'm getting hooked. I have to have something good in my life don't I? Oh I tried on one of Daddy's old suits when I came home to eat. It is navy blue with red pinstripes. Fits great and Daddy said I could have it and the hat. It is a great Chicago style Fedora. It too is navy with a red band. Hey wait this backwards. Now I can look like Humphrey Bogart . Wonder of Pan will dress up has Vivien Leigh. This came up in conversation between he and I. He want to be like Bogart and I want to be like Leigh. Or at least their onscreen sides.

I made a call to one of Nicky's friends. She will be here soon. She can help him, I hope. I have to go back soon . I was just killing some time.
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